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Ricci Hall X Lady Ho Tung Hall

Showing the right path: Mentoring & Career Guidance

Jul 7, 2017


Andrew Cheung (BSc(Eng)-Mech 1983(Chairman, Ricci Hall Old Boys’ Association)

Cecilia Ho (BBA 2011) (Chairlady, Lady Ho Tung Hall Graduates’ Association)

Parrey Cheng (BEng(ME) Year 2) (External Vice Chairman, Ricci Hall Students’ Association, HKUSU)

Emma Yiu (BA&BEd(LangEd)-Chin Year 1(External Vice Chairlady, Lady Ho Tung Hall Students’ Association, HKUSU)


Life planning and career guidance have been major focuses in the field of education over the past few years. Capitalising on the long-standing tradition of the Mentorship Programme at HKU and the wide scope of the Halls’ alumni network, Ricci Hall and Lady Ho Tung Hall have taking the lead in arranging diversified career-related activities as a way to foster current residents’ understanding of different professions. The initiative, conducted in co-operation with secondary schools, also allows alumni and current students to share their experiences and unique hall cultures with potential university entrants.


The introductory meeting of the pilot scheme of Ricci Hall Mentorship Programme was successfully kicked off on June 15, 2017 at Ricci Hall. A total of ten Riccian alumni (‘Daisins’) from various fields, such as medicine, healthcare, education and finance, were involved. They offered professional advice to current residents regarding job applications and internships. The entire programme will be formally launched in September, providing ample opportunities for alumni and current residents to interact with one another.


Representatives of Ricci Hall and Lady Ho Tung Hall also volunteered as group leaders and docents for the ‘Variety Show for Hong Kong NCS Secondary Students 2017’* on June 27, 2017. They enjoyed a halal meal together with the ethnic minority performers, and offered an intercultural campus tour for secondary school principals, teachers, and students. It was followed by a visit to Tuen Mun Government Secondary School on July 7, 2017 with further support from students and alumni of both halls. They shared essential JUPAS information, their university life experiences, and career planning advice with around 200 teachers and students.  The guest speakers were professionals from different sectors, including medicine, healthcare, dentistry, law, finance, engineering, information technology, architecture, surveying, education, social work and creative media. They engaged in in-depth discussions with students about the characteristics and challenges of different jobs. Demonstrations of ‘new ball games’; namely, hockey, lacrosse, and softball, marked the end of the visit. TMGSS students were given rare opportunities to try out these sports during the session.


Should there be any enquiries regarding life planning education, HKU campus tours, and school visits, please contact Mr Parrey Y. H. Cheng, External Vice-chairman, Ricci Hall Students’ Association, HKUSU (email: or Miss Emma W. K. Yiu, External Vice-chairlady, Lady Ho Tung Hall Students’ Association, HKUSU (email:


* The Variety Show is a part of the "Supporting the Learning and Teaching of Chinese Language for Non-Chinese Speaking Students in Secondary Schools (2016-2018), with the support of 7 secondary schools, organized by the Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research (CACLER), Faculty of Education, HKU, and sponsored by SCOLAR and Language Fund. 


張烱輝 (BSc(Eng)-Mech 1983)(香港大學利瑪竇宿舍舊生會主席)

何思慧 (BBA 2011)(香港大學何東夫人紀念堂舊生會主席)

鄭耀謙 (BEng(ME) Year 2)(香港大學學生會利瑪竇宿舍宿生會外務副主席)

姚慧娟 (BA&BEd(LangEd)-Chin Year 1)(香港大學學生會何東夫人紀念堂外務副主席)