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Graduate Email Account

Graduate Email Account

HKU graduates are entitled to a FREE HKU email account – a permanent link between you and your alma mater. From the year 2000 onwards, each new graduate is automatically provided with an “HKU Graduate Email Account”.

  • Switch to

    • Existing user of email account is welcome to switch to account, an email service powered by Google which provides free disk space for Email and Drive. Please CLICK HERE and apply.
  • Apply for the Graduate Email Account

    • If you graduated BEFORE the year 2000 and would like to have an HKU graduate email account (with domain name, please CLICK HERE and apply.


  • Quick Links for password reset, email forwarding setup, change of email alias, and FAQs


     For “” users (accounts created before June 2012):


    For “” users (accounts created from June 2012):