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Chan Wing Yan and Jerry Thornton

Chan Wing-yan 陳穎恩 (BA 2010; MA 2012; PGDE 2018)
Jerry Thornton 


With my beloved one in the Main Building at HKU, 
the place in which I spent 8 years for my education, 
the place smelt wonderfully nostalgic to me!

Chan Wing Yan and Jerry Thornton




Chiu Chi-Ki_Chiu Hon-fu

Chiu Chi-ki 趙梓琪 (LLM(Arb&DR) 2019)
Chiu Hon-fu 趙漢夫 (PCLL(SPACE) 1995)


I am proud to say that I completed an LLM at The University of Hong Kong in 2019.  Coincidentally, I was born in 1994 when my father had just started the PCLL course there.

Mission accomplished — under the kind guidance of my father.



Ma Shuk-yin_Tsang Fan-yu

Ma Shuk-yin 馬淑賢 (BSocSc 2010)
Tsang Fan-yu 曾繁裕 (MA 2013)


We got married during the pandemic.



Hui Wun-yan_Li Tsz-wing

Hui Wun-yan 許桓甄 (BBA(Acc&Fin) 2016)

Li Tsz-wing 李梓榮 (BBA(Acc&Fin) 2016)



Hui Man-kwan and So Shing Nok

Jane Hui 許文君 (BSocSc 2013)

Nok So 蘇承諾


Love in time.

We fell in love in 2020 and decided to start a new journey together in the time of turmoil.

May peace and love be with all of us.

John Lee and Jessica Tang

John Lee 李宇俊 (BSc 2006)

Jessica Tang 鄧淑君

As a member of the Science family and President of HKU Science Alumni Association, I am grateful for the opportunity to foster fellowship among Science graduates through organising many science-related visits and activities. This is also a most memorable part of the love story between Jessica and myself. 

With my moral virtues and wisdom to support and guide me, I embark on this next phase of our journey wholeheartedly, together with my newlywed wife Jessica. May God bless us all.





Miranda Wong and Nelson Chung

Tang Cham-wing 鄧湛榮 (MEd 1996)

Tang Cheuk-him 鄧卓謙 (BEng(ME) 2017; MSc(Eng)(ME) 2019)



Sunny Tang and Karen Lee

Karen Lee 李嘉恩 (BBA(Acc&Fin) 2010)

Sunny Tang 鄧健誠 (BSc 2009)

Karen and Sunny studied different majors in different faculties. Under the traction of fate, we met for the first time at the Hong Kong Taxation class of the summer course. We gradually got to know each other from then on. From classmates, friends, to falling in love with each other, our love journey started at the University. Marriage is a milestones in our lives, and we will continue to love each other every day.

Miranda Wong and Nelson Chung

Miranda Wong 黃好儀 (BSocSc 2004)

Nelson Chung 鍾世強 (BEcon 1995) 


Agnes Chan and Julian Cheung

Agnes Chan 陳曉菁
(BSocSc(Govt&Laws) 2008; LLB 2010; PCLL 2011; LLM(HR) 2018)
Julian Cheung 張志培
(BSocSc(Govt&Laws)(BEng(EEE) 2000; MSc(Eng)(ELE) 2003)


LEUNG Kit Yan and Tony Ngai

Wong Hung 黃虹 (BA 2015)
Eric Ip 葉林灝 (BNurs 2011)

LEUNG Kit Yan and Tony Ngai

Leung Kit Yan 梁潔茵 (BEd(LangEd) 2010; MEd 2015)
Tony Ngai 魏棟陽


Gogo Hon and Christopher Lee

Danielle Yeung 楊洛 (MSocSc 2016)
Chan Ka King 陳加敬

Gogo Hon and Christopher Lee

Helen Bao 鮑寧泓 (BSocSc 2013)

Ray Zhou 周恒瑞 (BEng(CivE) 2012; MPhil 2015)


Grace Cheung and Jonathan Lee

Grace Cheung 張翠玉

Jonathan Lee 李正康 (BSocSc 2002; MJ 2007)

Parents: Dr Jennie Lee 李梅以菁 (BA 1957) and Dr Lee Shiu 李韶 (Hon University Fellow)



Kira Zhongjie Fu and Brian Zappella

Kira Zhongjie Fu 傅中捷 (PhD 2012)

Brian Zappella


Gogo Hon and Christopher Lee

Gogo Hon 韓敏凝 (BA 2012, PGDE 2014)

Christopher Lee 李浩天 (BEng 2009; PhD 2016)


Wendy Luk and Katsuki Imai

Wendy Luk 陸雯馨 (BA 2014)

Katsuki Imai (Exchange Student 2013)


In Tokyo with Dr Yoshiko Nakano of the Department of Japanese Studies (1st right, back row), Professor Shigeto Sonoda of The University of Tokyo, Masaaki Onitsuka (Exchange student 2014/15) and participants of the HKU-UTokyo Joint Summer Program.


Judy Cheung and Ken Cho

Judy Cheung 張鈺琪 (BSc 2014)

Ken Cho 曹凌 (BSc 2014)


Lee Wai-king and Lee Kin-fun

Lee Wai-king 李惠琼 MEd 2018

Lee Kin-fun 李建寬 PGDES 2015










Olivia Chung and Chiu Ngok-hei

Olivia Chung 鍾靄琳

Gary Chiu Ngok-hei 晁岳熙 BA 2005


We took our wedding photos at HKU in 2009. After ten years, this spring, we went back to take some pictures with our beloved daughter.



Choi Wing-yan and Yiu Ka-wing

Choi Wing Yan 蔡穎欣

Yiu Ka-wing 姚嘉榮 BEng (CompSc) 2012



相見情已深 未語可知心



Man Cheuk-ling and Lau Ngai-hong

Man Cheuk-ling 文倬翎 BA 2015

Lau Ngai-hong 劉毅康 BEng (IETM) 2012



Louisa Tam and David Leung

Louisa Tam 譚子瑩 BNurs 2010; MNurs 2014

David Leung 梁祐誦 BEcon&Fin 2007; MEcon 2009; PGDE 2012



Michelle Wang and Dr Zhang Yi

Michelle Wang 王宇晴

Zhang Yi 張一 PhD 2013



Yam Tsz-ying and James Wong

Yam Tsz-ying 任芷盈 BSc 2011; MSc(ConstProjectMan) 2016

James Wong 黃健雄 BEng(IETM) 2011; MSocSc 2018


Tsui Ka-wai and Yeung Hiu-fung 1

Tsui Ka-wai 徐嘉慧 PGDE 2008

Yeung Hiu-fung 楊曉峯 BEng(IETM) 2006

and their daughter Yan-Sin


Tsui Ka-wai and Yeung Hiu-fung


Tse Yuet Fong and Wong Chi Wing

Tse Yuet-fong 謝月芳 BA 2010

Wong Chi-wing 黃志榮


死生契闊, 與子成說。 執子之手,與子偕老。

Finally, I have someone who took my hand, opened my mind and touched my heart.


Maggie Poon and Verdi Yau

Maggie Poon 潘敏琪 BChinMed 2008; MMedSc 2010

Verdi Yau 邱漢健 MSc(LIM) 2008

and their daughter Vincy



James Li and Fion Yip

Fion Yip 葉鍁婷 BSocSc(Govt&Laws) 2010; LLB 2012 

James Li 李子樹 BChinMed 2014

2,190 days and 6,000 miles apart, yet distance means so little when someone means so much.


LU Ruixing and XU Wei

Xu Wei 徐唯 BA(ArchStud) 2011; MArch 2014
Lu Ruixing 路瑞興 MArch 2014






Jacky Cheung and Cathy Law

Cathy Law 羅珮珊 BBA(Law) 2010; LLB 2012; PCLL 2013
Jacky Cheung 張凱科 BA(ArchStud) 2007; MArch 2010

Together, we spent a decade at HKU. Once in a lifetime, you meet someone who changes everything.




Jacky Cheung and Cathy Law

Ada Yung 容凱欣 BSocSc 1998; MSocSc 2010
Cheng Yui-tat and their daughter Adele

It is our greatest delight that Adele joined our family in August 2017. The little girl fills our hearts with joy and excitement.



Tsui Tsz-shan 徐芷珊 BSW 2007

Barry Chan 陳樑浩 BA 1998


Tony & Sze-man


Ho Sze-man 何思敏 BSocSc 2009

Tony Ng 吳家偉 BEng(MedE) 2009


Wen Boya 文博雅 BSc 2016

Wang Qinan 王啟楠 BSc 2016


We met at HKU and the days there will always be our sweet memory. Now as PhD students, we will support each other in the pursuit for knowledge and cherish everyday, rain or shine. 


Phillis Loh 1

Phillis Loh 羅麗萍 LLB 1987; PCLL 1988

Chan Hoi-to 陳海濤 BDS 1989

and their children

Justin Chan 陳鈞瀚 BDS Year 3

Jasmine Chan


When I was in the swimming team of St. John's College, he was in the swimming team of Ricci Hall. We met at the University Swimming Team Competition in 1985, 32 years ago.


Phillis Loh 2

Phillis and Hoi-to at the HKU Swimming Team over 30 years ago.


Phillis Loh 3


Carmen & Sunny

Carmen Chan 陳嘉敏 MA 2004; MBuddhStud 2009

Sunny Yu 余經綸 BSc 1995; MSocSc 2000; MA 2004; LLM(HR) 2017

and their daughters Nidana & Cuore 


One wants to be a nun and

   one wants to be a priest,

Two free-spirited extremes met

   in the Main Building,

Three-legged race for fifteen years,

Four hearts linked together with respect,

  patience and love, forever and ever.



Janet & Wai-laam


Janet Chan 陳穎嫻 BA&BEd(LangEd) 2010

Au-yeung Wai-laam 歐陽蔚嵐 BA&BEd(LangEd) 2009


Our story began at LG01 of Hui Oi Chow Building.


Janet & Wai-laam 2

One day in 2005, I thought I saw a familiar face in an Education Year 1 core course. As a shy and laid back student, I was sitting at the very back of the room, trying to catch a glimpse of Janet (who was an attentive student sitting at the very front) from different angles. Later we found out that, we had, in fact, attended the same secondary school but just did not know each other well then.


At the very moment Dr Eden Li called Janet to present in front of other classmates, I knew we were going to be with each other forever.


Elza & Edmond

Elza Lee 李淑興 BSc(CompStud) 1985

Edmond Cheng 鄭禮英 BSocSc 1985


Elza & Edmond Summer
Elza & Edmond Autumn
Elza & Edmond





Chau Wan & Sek Yiu


Cheung Chau-wan 張就雲 BsocSc 1976 

Kwan Sek-yiu 關錫堯 BSc(Eng)-Civ 1974




Chau Wan & Sek Yiu




Tracy & Ivan

Tracy Yiu 姚遠 BA(ArchStud) 2009; MArch 2012

Ivan Kwan 關基信 MArch 2012


The Architecture Studio – it’s where we “built” our love.




Tracy & Ivan


Tracy & Ivan



Angela & Kin-keung


Angela Leung 梁鳳鳴 MBBS 1983

Cheng Kin-keung 鄭健強 MBBS 1983






Angela & Kin-keung



Renee & Cliff


Renee Zhang 張婷婷 BBA(Acc&Fin) 2005

Cliff Lui 呂海山 BBA(Law) 2006; LLB 2007; PCLL 2008


Like many others, I met my future wife at The University of Hong Kong. What better place to meet your potential other half than a place that has such a strict filter in force? Being introverts, we preferred to sit at the front of the class - because no one ever sat there - until we did, together. Being introverts, nothing much happened for a year. But then we dated, got married, and then little Richard was born in 2016. Spend your time at university wisely! 

Renee & Cliff



Paulina & Yuen-tak


Paulina Leung 梁慧冰 BSc 1980; CertEd 1982

Yu Yuen-tak 余遠德 BSc 1980; CertEd 1982


在 Knowles Building 的樓梯上,迎面來了一位高材生,向我一笑,問我 Library 自修室有冇位?我把霸來的圖書館座位讓給他半天,自此以後,他竟天天坐在我旁邊了!而港大每一個角落,都充滿我們戀愛的回憶!到現在,我們已結婚32年了!  

Fion & Karlo

Fion Tam  譚潔盈 BA 2010; MEd 2016

Karlo Lau  劉曉揚 BA(ArchStud) 2009; MArch 2012


We are getting married! 


Anisa & Edward


Anisa Cheung 張麗嫻 BA&BEd(LangEd) 2010; MEd 2012; EdD Year 5

Edward Yim 嚴雅健 MEd 2012


We met when we were Master of Education students