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Academic Dress

Alumni Identity

Do I need to register to be an HKU graduate (alumni)?

When you graduate from the University, you are a graduate and a member of the HKU alumni family. No application is required. 

Will I receive an HKU alumni card?

While there is no HKU alumni card, you may apply for the "HKU Graduate Credit Card". Cardholders enjoy a range of special discounts, and access to facilities on and off campus. Click here for details.

What benefits and services can I enjoy? Can I use HKU facilities?

As an HKU graduate, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits and services. Additionally, you are also welcome to use the facilities on and off campus. They include the HKU Libraries, the sports facilities managed by the Institute of Human Performance, and the car parking facilities. Please visit here for details.

Why should I update the Development & Alumni Affairs Office (DAAO) with my contact information?

Wherever you are, you are a member of the University for life. The University would like to keep in touch with you and share with you its latest development. 

With your email and mailing address, DAAO can keep you updated on the University's news, inform you of your privileges and benefits, and invite you to University and alumni activities, by emails, post and the alumni magazine. 

Stay in touch with your Alma Mater and update your contact details.

Alumni Associations and Groups

Do I belong to any HKU alumni associations or groups automatically?

Currently there are over 90 HKU alumni associations and groups in Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland and the rest of the world. They are independent and voluntarily organised by alumni from various study programmes, residential halls, interest groups or professions. You can join these groups according to your own interests. Click here for details.

I heard that there is an HKU alumni restaurant in Central, can I go and dine? Where is it?

This restaurant is sited at the premises of the HKU Alumni Association 香港大學校友會 
(Address: 1/F Yip Fung Building, 2 D'Aguilar St., Central; Tel: 2522 7968), which is an independent alumni association voluntarily managed by alumni. You may join the Association to enjoy this dining facility. Details and registration:

HKU Graduate Email (

I am an existing email account user. Is it compulsory for me to switch to account?

It is NOT compulsory for existing users to switch to account. The email service was introduced in the year 2000 with disk quota of only 10MB. To provide a better service, existing users of email account are welcome to switch to account which is an email service powered by Google providing unlimited disk space for Email and Drive.

What is the account name of my account? How can I set up the email alias of my account?

The account name of your will be assigned according to your student record in the University's Student Information System (SIS). You are welcome to set up an email alias online. Click here to set up your email alias.

Can I switch back to my account after the creation of my new account?

By using HKU graduate email service, you are agreeing to its terms and conditions, and will not be able to switch back to the email account.

Will my email messages, address book and other information that I saved in my email account be copied to the newly created account?

Your email messages, address book and information saved in your will NOT be copied to After you have activated your account, your account will be closed and information saved in it will be destroyed.

Academic Dress, Transcript, Testimonial and Graduation Certificate 

Can I borrow an academic dress from the University?

Alumni who have already had their degrees conferred on them at a Congregation may rent an academic dress from the University's Gown Room (Room UG-06, Knowles Building; office hours: 9:00am-12:30pm and 2:00pm-5:30pm, Mondays to Fridays, except public holidays). The cost is $60 per week. Please bring along your HKID card/passport and a copy of your degree certificate for verification.

This rental service is suspended from early October this year to the end of January next year in order to ensure sufficient academic dresses for the newest batch of graduates. Click here for details.

Can I buy the academic dress?

Tailor-made academic dresses are available from Ah Yau Tailor. The cost per outfit is HK$1,600 for Doctors and HK$750 for Masters and Bachelors.

Tel : 2522-9823

How can I get a transcript or a testimonial?

Please visit the website of the Academic Support and Examinations Section (click here) for details and an application form.

I lost my Graduation Certificate; is it possible for me to get a replacement?

Please visit the website of the Academic Support and Examinations Section (click here) for details and an application form.