HKU Alumni


The University of Hong Kong Music Alumni Association

Establishment of HKUMusAA

Jun 6, 2014

In early 2014, the HKUMusAA (香港大學音樂系校友會) joined the big family of the other 84 official alumni groups at HKU! The aims of the HKUMusAA are to promote unity and fellowship amongst music graduates, and to help establish rapport between the Association, the Department and its students. To start off, the HKUMusAA has organised two alumni gatherings: one at the Centennial Campus visiting the new Department of Music; and the other at a cafe & bar, where the joy of music and good food was shared. If you are/were student of music at HKU, join the Association and you will be able to enjoy the special benefits and, most importantly, gather with good old friends from the world of music!

Contact: Ivy Mak 麥可明 (BA 2004)-