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Convocation Newsletter

Autumn Issue, 2017


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  • Tears and Glory - HKU Sports Scholars

​They are fighting not only for their own pride, but also for the glory of HKU, and HK


  • Giving in Focus 

    • A Milestone of 95: Endowed Professorships

    • A Lifetime of Passion for Education

    • Celebration of the Arts 

    • Honouring the One You Love with a Meaningful Gift

    • Historic Donation for a New Holistic Cancer Care Paradigm


  • Technology-Enriched Learning Institute 


  • Social Sciences 50th Anniversary  


  • 130 Years of Medicine in Hong Kong 


  • 足跡:香港大學中文學院九十年 

FOOTPRINTS: 90 Years of the School of Chinese


  • Honorary Graduates | Honorary University Fellows 2017   


  • Seven Breakthroughs in Healthy Ageing |

More Brain Mysteries Untangled | Souped Up 


  • Dr Kai-Fu Lee - Global Thinkers - The Future of Artificial Intelligence


  • DreamCatchers 


  • First Hong Kong surgeon to receive Top Global Paediatic Surgery Award 


  • Class Notes

Tugo Cheng | Nick Gu | Jason Yip | Yuxin Hou | Joyce Xu | Max Leung | Edna Lee | Adam Wong | Billy Choi | Argo Yeung | Raymond Chow & Riccians | Miranda Wong | Teddy Law | Ray So | Brian Morton 


  • Alumni Snapshots


  • Convocation  


  • 港大校友耕耘半世紀   實現優質教育夢  


  • In Memoriam 

Dr Samuel Kam | Dr Too Chee-cheong | Dr Anita Li | Professor Sir David Todd


  • Love@HKU
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