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Understanding Diseases of the Human Body and Spirit: Perspectives of a Christian Pathologist

Understanding Diseases of the Human Body and Spirit: Perspectives of a Christian Pathologist
  • Chiu Hak-fai  MBBS 1965

  • Westbow Press

Understanding Diseases of the Human Body and Spirit explores the congruence between the physical and spiritual dimensions of diseases. Illnesses are caused by genetic aberrations, environmental agents, pathogenic microbes, circulatory disturbances, unregulated tumor growths or abnormal immune reactions. The author, an experienced pathologist and life-long student of the Bible, explains how correlating factors are operative in producing humankind’s spiritual infirmities.

Narratives of pathological events in the body aptly illustrate and enhance understanding of scriptural teachings regarding the broken relationship of sinful humanity with God, the restoration of this relationship through salvation in Jesus Christ, the believers’ continual growth in spiritual health through the indwelling Holy Spirit, and the real hope of glorious transformation of their bodies in the hereafter. Dr. Chiu also contributes unique insights into subject matters which have engaged and troubled the minds of the sick, their loved ones, as well as theologians, pastors, bioethicists, lay-Christian workers and healthcare providers. These include the relationship between sin and disease, the perception of injustice when disease strikes (“why me?”), the significance of a person’s life-history and value-systems to the experience of disease, the meaning of the biblical promise of healing, as well as homosexuality and the Bible, and the place of miracle cures.

Take better care of your health by understanding the nature of diseases. Be inspired to pursue spiritual health in Christ which transcends illnesses and death.