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Econometric Analyses of International Housing Markets

Econometric Analyses of International Housing Markets
  • Rita Li  BSc(Surv) 2006; PhD 2010

  • Chau Kwong-wing  Head of Department & Chair Professor (Real Estate and Construction, HKU)

  • Routledge 


This book explores how econometric modelling can be used to provide valuable insight into international housing markets. Initially describing the role of econometrics modelling in real estate market research and how it has developed in recent years, the book goes on to compare and contrast the impact of various macroeconomic factors on developed and developing housing markets. Explaining the similarities and differences in the impact of financial crises on housing markets around the world, the author's econometric analysis of housing markets across the world provides a broad and nuanced perspective on the impact of both international financial markets and local macro economy on housing markets. With discussion of countries such as China, Germany, UK, US and South Africa, the lessons learned will be of interest to scholars of Real Estate economics around the world.