Vote of Thanks from Dr. Chan Yiu Wing,Chairman of the HKU MPA Alumni Association

09 April 2005

Our Guest of Honour, Mr. Kwok Kwok Chuen (BBS, JP), HKU Vice Chancellor, Professor Tsui Lap Chee, Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor James Tang, Head of Department of Politics and Public Administration, Dr. Peter Cheung, other Principal Guests, professors, Ladies and Gentlemen:

As the newly-elected Chairman of the HKU MPA Alumni Association's first Executive Committee, I am honoured and much obliged to thank you all for your presence tonight. And on behalf of the alumni, my special thanks must go to Mr. Kwok who, also being an alumnus of the HKU MPA degree course, kindly agrees to be our Keynote Speaker to share with us some enlightening messages. Also, the presence of Professor Tsui, Dr. Tang, Dr. Cheung, Mr William Ng, Mrs Margaret Chan, indeed gives us further encouraging signs for the alumni association to continue the mission in serving our members as well as to promote public administration.

Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight also holds special significance, for we have launched the MPA Alumni Association to unite teachers and students of this 27-year-old Master of Public Administration Programme. The MPA has been offered by the Department of Politics and Public Administration of the HKU since 1978 and has become a well established and internationally recognized programme. With its well-designed curriculum and distinguished teaching staff in providing students with professional knowledge and stimulating their awareness of politics and public affairs, the MPA has nurtured leaders in both the public and private sectors to serve the community. Many of our graduates, most of them being civil servants, have developed successful career and made significant contributions to the HKSAR Government and the community.

To strengthen the life-long bond among alumni and to further promote public administration, we are pleased to announce the launching of the HKU MPAAA tonight. The alumni association will not only serve an opportunity for strengthening our bonding, but also provides a platform for the exchange of academic views. Therefore, we will plan for interesting seminars and overseas visits on the subject of public administration and of course some fun reunion activities too.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you have my promise that I and my other members of the Executive Committee will make the best efforts to pass on the reputation of the MPA and will of course dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to serve the alumni association. We sincerely hope you would enjoy the dinner tonight.

Thank you.

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