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MPA Alumni Association(hereinafter, MPAAA) is one of the Alumni bodies of the University of Hong Kong. It was established under the Society Ordinance in 2005 and its inauguration ceremony was launched on 9 April 2005 at Loke Yew Hall, in which the Guest of Honour, Mr. K.C Kwok, BBS, JP, Government Economist, Professor Tsui Lap Chee, HKU Vice Chancellor, Prof. James Tang, Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr. Peter Cheung, Head of Department of Politics and Public Administration, and the MPA course director, Dr. Lam Wai-fung all gave the newly-formed Association encouraging signs to continue the mission in serving our members as well as to promote public administration. Immediately preceding to the inauguration ceremony on the day, the first-ever executive committee, comprising a Chairman and 10 members were elected.

MPAAA is a non-profit-making organization. It is run by graduates and former students of the MPA courses or similar courses with different titles of the University. Our members are senior officers occupying key posts in various public/private organizations. It is a recognized association by the Department of Politics and Public Administration, the University of Hong Kong.

Over the years, the University of Hong Kong has nurtured many distinguished politician, private and public administrators. The teaching of politics and public administration in the University of Hong Kong can be traced back to the beginning of the last century in 1913. A University review committee commended in 1937 that political science should become major area of specialization. The MPA course has been offered by the Department of Politics and Public Administration of the University since 1978.

Dr. Chan Yiu Wing was elected as the first Chairman of the Executive Committee of the MPAAA in 2005. In his inauguration speech, he gave his word that the Executive Committee would make the best efforts to pass on the reputation of the MPA and would dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to serve the alumni association. To this end, the Association has organized various visits, and academic talk for its members and the MPA students of The University of Hong Kong.

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