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HKU Alumni Association Washington State Chapter

The One-Hundredth Hike

Feb 14, 2015

"Since May 29, 2011, the Chapter has organised 100 hikes, with the 100th one being held on February 14 at Frenchman Coulee waterfall. The hiking destinations included three States and two countries, from Washington, our home State, to Oregon, to Utah and all the way to British Columbia, Canada.

Much appreciation must be given to Au Kwok-shing 歐國城 (BSc 1967; MSc 1969; PhD 1976) and Alice Tang 鄧和平 (BSc 1968) for all their meticulous organising and planning that make these activities exciting. Thanks to their efforts, we have been able to sustain the bonds of friendship for so many years."

Jason Cheng 鄭志超 (MSc(Eng) 1986)
Convenor of the HKUAA Washington State Chapter