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Convocation Newsletter

Summer Issue, 2018


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  • Ahead of the Curve

    President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Xiang Zhang pledges to take HKU to new


  • On Campus

    - University Museum and Art Gallery, and HKU MUSE
    - 加油! Cheering on HKU athletes at the Asian Games
    - Fireside Chats @ HKU Foundation Chamber
  • The Growing Network

    220,000+ alumni | 131 alumni groups


  • Research Matters
    Breakthroughs and innovations

  • iDendron | DreamCatchers

  • C9+1 Symposium | HKU-Zhejiang Institute of Research and Innovation (ZIRI) | Shanghai Study Centre | BioMed Innovation in Guangdong

  • Honorary Graduates

  • Dentistry’s “Hat-trick”

  • Giving
    - Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing looks to the future
    - Professor Ian Davies: A guiding voice lives on
    - Endowed Professorships: Each gift comes with a story and a dream
    - Students spread their wings with scholarships

  • Convocation

  • In Memoriam
    The Reverend Professor SY King | Professor Mimi Chan | Dr David Lai



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