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Tea. Pot. Encounter (Bilingual) 茶.壺.緣 (中英文版)

Tea. Pot. Encounter (Bilingual) 茶.壺.緣 (中英文版)
  • Lam Suet-hung 林雪虹 BA 1988; PhD 2005

  • Sole Culture Group Limited  


This book is a collection of bilingual writings after five years of work in the Museum of Tea Ware, first of its kind in  Hong  Kong.  The  content  includes  interesting  tea  stories,  tea  ware  appreciation,  local  tea  culture and  tea  tourism  in  Mainland  China.  It  is  hoped  that in today’s fast-­‐paced  material  world,  readers  can  forget  their worries  for  a  moment  and  take  time  to  appreciate  tea  ware  and  its  heritage,  refesh  their  minds  with  the  aroma of tea and rediscover this simple pleasure of life.